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Mandalas can be seen all around us, they are larger than life, they represent the Universe.
History and meaning of the Mandala

The Mandala means Circle or Completion. It has a long History and represents a deep spiritual meaning, it represents Wholeness. Many people and cultures have vouched for the Mandalas intrinsic meaning. Buddhists, Tibetans, and Hindus have all derived meaning from the Mandala and its captivating beauty. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung has called it "a representation of the unconscious self."

The Mandala is a reflection of its creator, Mandala Art Therapy can be healing and a great source of reflection on ones soul.

Mandalas can be seen all around us, they are larger than life, they represent the Universe.

The Circle with a center pattern is the basic structure. Mandalas are found in nature, biology, geology, chemistry,physics and astronomy.

Living things are made of cells and each cell has a nucleus- all display circles with centers. The crystal that forms ice,rocks, and mountains are made of atoms. Each atom is a Mandala.

Each Mandala is lovingly created using oil pencils. Prints are available for purchase on high quality glossy paper, each print costs £35 including postage and packaging within the UK. Further charges may apply outside the UK. Please include the name of your chosen Mandala. 

I also offer a bespoke service and create a Mandala just for you. They make ideal gifts, the cost for your design and art work is £90 including postage and packaging within the UK. Other charges may apply outside of the Uk, please contact me for more information. 


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