Phone Tarot Reading
I am an experienced Telephone reader, I can connect with you over the Telephone much in the same way as a Face to Face reading works.
Email Tarot Reading
This option works well for those people unable to have a face to face reading or Telephone reading
Face to Face
It may be that you are looking for a Face to Face Tarot Reading, which can be arranged at either my home in Swansea or in the comfort of your home.

Face to Face
Mandalas can be seen all around us, they are larger than life, they represent the Universe.

Email Tarot Reading

Ask 5 questions for £40-00

Ask 2 questions for £20-00

Ask 1 Question for £15-00

Examples of question's to ask-
1. Will i get the job?
2.What will be the outcome for me and my partner?
3. Will i move home?
4. What will be the outcome if i leave my partner?
5.Will i get promotion?
6. What is my financial forecast?
7. Is number 56 a good place to live?
8. Am i better off staying or leaving? ( Job or relationship )
9. I need advice on my Business, what can i do?!
10. im confused and dont know what to do about my partner.
11. Does he love me?
12. IS he cheating on me?
13. What does she really think about me?
14. What is my ideal vocation? i need direction!

(If your question is about relationship's please include your partners name and Star sign.)

This option works well for those people unable to have a face to face reading or Telephone reading. It is also an excellent option if you are looking for instant guidance on a particular area.

Ask five questions for £40

Ask two Questions for £20

Ask one Question for £15 

South Wales Tarot Reader,Psychic and clairvoyant.
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