Phone Tarot Reading
I am an experienced Telephone reader, I can connect with you over the Telephone much in the same way as a Face to Face reading works.
Email Tarot Reading
This option works well for those people unable to have a face to face reading or Telephone reading
Face to Face
It may be that you are looking for a Face to Face Tarot Reading, which can be arranged at either my home in Swansea or in the comfort of your home.

Face to Face
Mandalas can be seen all around us, they are larger than life, they represent the Universe.
Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are beings that have a special connection with us. We have many different guides throughout our lifetime. They all have a unique energy that resonates with our energy. We may have known our Guide in a previous lifetime, they maybe a relative that has passed over to the spirit world, also known as Ancestral Guides. They all have one thing in common; they love and protect each of us and have only our best interests at heart.

Spirit communicates with us in subtle ways. Whenever we are in need of advice and guidance we can ask our Guides to provide us with a sign. Their message may come in the form of a conversation, you maybe talking to a friend, or you hear a part of a conversation that answers your concerns. The messages from your guides are subtle, so pay attention to all that is around you. 

If you wonder if moving home is a good idea and a removal van appears in your life it maybe your guide helping you to understand their message. A Guide will never tell you what to do, they will advise you and push you to see what is in your best interest and for your Highest Good.

When you need your guide all you need to do is ask. There is really no need to shout! It is your Intention that attracts your Spirit Guides, be clear about your Intention and your guides will listen to you. 

Spirit Guides are often assigned to us before we are born, they are responsible for helping us fulfil the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before we incarnate. Your Higher Self helps select these Guides who help us while we are living our incarnation.

Here are some of the most commonly found Spirit Guides- 

Ascended Masters

These are Guides that are attracted towards people that do energy work such as Reiki. They have often led a physical life and have moved on to a Higher Spiritual Plane such as a Buddha. Ascended Masters usually work with groups of souls and their focus is to help humanity.

Ancestral Guides

Ancestral Guides often have a Kinship with you, such as a Grandmother, Uncle or Aunt. They may have died when you were younger. These are reincarnated Guides they are the spirits of someone that loved us during their physical lifetime, or who had a blood connection to our family. Some people call them Guardian Angels.

Common Spirit or Teacher Guides

A Typical Spirit Guide is a representation of something else, they are symbolic. They may appear as a wise man, even a Warrior. Typically their purpose is to teach you and guide you towards a particular path. They help you with problem solving, based upon your needs. They provide insight by dreams or meditation, they stay with you for as long as you need them and then move on. 

Animal Guides

They are companions, often family pets that provide protection and love. In some Native American or Shamanic paths a person may have an Animal Totem.

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